So to the anon who asked me to look up “wpkepkw” on YouTube. I found the video about it, and I am now insanely paranoid that the blurry deformed face from the video will come up on my screen. The video about the cursed video is creeping me out and making me scared and paranoid and fuck help ;-;


Anonymous asked:

Have you heard of the cursed YouTube video "wpkepkw"? Look it up if you haven't seen it.

theparanormalblog answered:

I looked it up, and here’s the story. “wpkepkw” is a supposedly cursed video that exists, but doesn’t show up every time you search for it. The video itself is blurry, and shows a mysterious figure standing in front of the camera while distorted moans and groans slowly get loader and louder before the video ends. It’s speculated that the video either shows someone right before they died, or it’s a government experiment that went wrong and the person in the video is trying to confess something.


(A screenshot showing the cursed video.)

Some have reportedly seen the video, but they say they haven’t been able to find it again. After one watches the video, their computer supposedly becomes “possessed” by the video and images from the video begin popping up on their screen randomly.

One person, who finally found the video after two weeks of searching, decided to record the video using a screen capture program and then uploaded it to their YouTube channel, called ‘IEEEWire’. In the video (which you can watch here), this person explains that after watching the video, their computer became “possessed”. Using their iPhone, they recorded video using of their computer screen, and sure enough, images from the cursed video were appearing randomly while they were using their computer. The person says they plan on deleting all traces of the video off of their video in hopes of undoing the curse.

Now, while I admit the video, combined with the story, is pretty freaky, but the whole thing is a hoax. First off, the video ‘IEEEWire’ recorded was uploaded on August 16th, 2014, which was the same day ‘IEEEWire’ uploaded their video to YouTube. If you Google search the YouTube channel the cursed video was uploaded to, ‘FXG RYN’, you’ll discover that the channel and the video have been deleted. I theorize that ‘IEEEWire’ owned the ‘FXG RYN’ channel and simply uploaded this “cursed video”, and then pretended that they finally stumbled upon the video after trying to find it for weeks. I personally have watched the “cursed video” multiple times and absolutely nothing strange or out of the ordinary has happened. In my opinion, this is nothing more than just a newly created creepypasta story.